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Inventory Management icon

Inventory Management

 The Bay Logistics proprietary Radio Frequency Warehouse Management System makes inventory management simple and efficient.

Public & Contract Warehousing icon

Public & Contract Warehousing

Warehousing for general, hazardous chemical/flammable products, food grade, ambient and cooler.

Food Safety Program icon

Food Safety Program

Bay Logistics has solutions for companies with products that need to be temperature controlled, both heated and refrigerated.

Hazardous Chemical/Flammable icon

Hazardous Chemical/Flammable

Bay Logistics is licensed by the Detroit Fire Marshall and the State of Michigan for storing and transferring Hazardous and Flammable materials.

Container Management icon

Container Management

 Bay Logistics will manage full and empty containers.

Cross Dock Operations icon

Cross Dock Operations

 Bay Logistics is proficient in all aspects of managing a cross dock.

Order Fullfillment icon

Order Fulfillment

Fulfilling a sales order to the customer's specifications from beginning to end.

Pick & Pack icon

Pick & Pack

 Receiving, processing and shipping orders for customers.

Quality Inspections icon

Quality Inspections

 Sorting and inspecting parts by our accredited quality inspection company Bay/MPS

Rail Transloading icon

Rail Transloading

Take advantage of lower transportation rates by shipping into Bay Logistics using the rail.

Transportation icon


Managing transportation through trucking companies like Martin Transportation Systems.

Shuttle/Switching Operations icon

Shuttle/Switching Operations

Bay Logistics owns and operates a fleet of switchers across many of our Distribution Centers. Switching services help our customers better utilize their equipment. We’ll even manage the fueling on site!

Trailer Yard Management icon

Trailer Yard Management

 Bay Logistics has the software and programming necessary for managing a trailer drop lot.

Labeling icon


 Bay Logistics can develop, print, apply and scan customized labels for clients.

Long Term Storage icon

Long Term Storage

 Bay Logistics can assist clients in keeping materials, which need to be stored long term, dry, safe and sound.

Storage Trailer Leasing & Rental icon

Storage Trailer Leasing & Rental

 Trailer rental division FOCUS LEASING LLC provides clients with 48’ and 53’ trailers used for storage.

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