About Bay Logistics

Mission Statement

To provide individuals and organizations with knowledge and skills to drive superior business results through the understanding and application of supply chain management concepts, processes and tools.

Bay Logistics Workers

Bay Logistics is an industry leading provider of transportation, warehousing, inventory management, order fulfillment, distribution, quality inspection and other logistics services. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Bay Logistics will create a customized, client-specific solution anywhere in North America. 

Deeply-rooted in the US automotive industry, today Bay Logistics is an expanding, diversified enterprise with operations in a myriad of industries including food and grocery, liquid flammables, aeronautic, HAZMAT, plastic resin, nonferrous metals, electronic vehicles, appliances, and publications.  

Bay Logistics has made the investment in people, IT systems, EDI technology, distribution centers, material handling equipment, safety and efficient racking systems so that our clients can focus on research, engineering, manufacturing, sales, expansion and other core competencies. 

Affiliated firms Martin Transportation Systems and Bay/MPS tremendously augment Bay's ability to deliver comprehensive, total solutions.

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Outsource your warehousing, transportation and distribution requirements to the professionals at Bay Logistics!