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Hazardous Chemical/Flammable

Hazardous Chemical/Flammable

Take advantage of Bay’s investment in facility safeguards, HAZMAT training, regulatory compliance, and foam–in–place fire suppression technology at our Detroit Class III Liquid Flammable Containment Center. We are licensed by the Detroit Fire Marshall and the State of Michigan.


Learn more about the Detroit Class III Flammable Public Warehouse Hazmat Distribution Center

Detroit Hazardous and Chemical Distribution Center

Detroit Class III Flammable Public Warehouse Hazmat Distribution Center

  • Licensed hazmat facility by the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan

  • Foam-in-place fire suppression system

  • 9" thick reinforced concrete floors and ceilings

  • Explosion proof lighting

  • EE rated forklifts with elevated battery charging station

  • Self-contained storage rooms

  • Temperature-controlled "hot" and "cold" rooms

  • Boiler heat to reduce static electricity

  • Fenced perimeter, electronic security

  • Radio frequency warehouse management system with remote access via Bay web portal

  • Central Detroit location - At the intersection of I-94 and Trumbull - Quick highway access

  • Shipping and receiving of 55-gallon drums, totes, pails and pallets

  • Robust OS&D processes and operational procedures

  • Automated FIFO process

  • Ambient and temperature-controlled storage options

  • Order picking - Repalletizing - Shrink wrap - Banding

  • Bill of lading/manifest generation

  • Carrier window time management

  • Automated cycle counting and physical inventory process


Call 231-578-7989 for more information about Bay Logistics hazmat handling.

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Chemical and Flammable Warehouse
Wooden Pallets that are Storing Flammable and Chemical Products in Detroit Warehouse
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