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Rail Transloading

Rail Transloading

Rail Transloading Train

Transloading freight between truck and train gives a company the best of both worlds,combining economical rail transport with the flexibility of over-the-road trucking. This allows firms to lower transportation costs and increase market reach.


CONRAIL, CSX, Norfolk Southern and Genesee-Wyoming are rail lines servicing Bay Logistics locations – take advantage today!

  • Products are loaded onto a truck

  • The truck transports the container to a transload facility like Bay Logistics

  • At the transload facility, products are transferred to a rail car

  • The product type determines how it is transferred (e.g., tank car, flat car or box car)

  • If needed, products are transferred back to trucks for final delivery

The Process:

Environmental Benefits Of Shipping By Rail

  • Increased efficiency

  • Decreased emissions of pollutants

  • Decreased energy consumption

  • Decreased greenhouse gas emissions

  • Reduced highway gridlock by taking trucks off the road

  • Reduced road maintenance and construction

  • Reduced material handling and packaging costs

  • Increasingly advantageous as diesel prices rise

  • Not impacted by chronic truck driver shortage

  • Trains are the safest mode of transportation in the U.S.

Transloading and warehousing provide not only the environmental benefits of shipping by rail, but also a turnkey logistics solution that combines the economies of rail, the flexibility of trucking, and the cost savings of Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory management.

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