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The Bay Logistics proprietary RF Warehouse Management System improves client decision making with 'real time' inventory information, remote access, metric dashboards, and multiple reporting formats.

RF System Features:

  • Radio Frequency Technology, “Real Time” Information, scanned and immediately in the database

  • EDI Integration Experts, several computer programmers on staff

  • Secured Password, we take our responsibility of safeguarding your data seriously

  • Flexible Sort Options, the format is easy to group and view the way you want it

  • Customizable Reports, if our “house” programs are not exactly what you want, we can change them quickly and economically

  • Handheld Computers/Scanners, 100% of transactions are captured automatically to reduce errors

  • Web–Based Order Entry Module, this function gives you with a complete historical account of all orders

  • Remote Web Access, you and your designated colleagues can access “real time” inventory information from anywhere in the world

  • Data Downloadable in Multiple Programs, displays the information in the format you choose

  • Multiple Built–In Redundancies, multiple servers and generators protect your data at all times

  • Min/Max Functions, valuable automated tools for managing you stock of raw materials and finished goods

  • Automated Safeguards, built into the system and preventing careless mistakes from corrupting your inventory

  • IT Support Team and 24–Hour Help Desk, we can troubleshoot problems or customize your reports at any time of day or night


  • Remote access to your inventory information through the Bay Logistics Web Portal

  • System is designed for high–volume transactions

  • Our system is better for tracking inventory in and out of a distribution point better than most enterprise systems

  • We’ve already made the investment, put your capital to work expanding your core business

  • Data integrity is consistent and accurate

  • Human error is minimized through automation

  • You will gain a complete historical record of your shipping and receiving activities

  • Our system is flexible, adaptive, and easily integrated and linked to other systems

  • The Bay IT Team reaction time is quicker and costs are minimal in comparison to a third party IT company

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