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People Driven - Systems Strong

The Bay Logistics proprietary RF Warehouse Management System improves client decision making with "real time" inventory information, remote access, metric dashboards, and multiple reporting formats.

RF System Features:

  • Radio Frequency Technology - "real time" information

  • EDI Integration Experts - programmers on staff

  • Secured Password Protection - we safeguard your data

  • Flexible Sort Options - view in the format you prefer

Bay Logistics Proprietary RF Warehouse Management System Gun
  • Customizable Reports - “house” programs changed quickly and economically

  • Handheld Computers/Scanners - eliminates manual entry errors

  • Web-Based Order Entry Module - a complete historical account of all orders

  • Remote Web Access - access “real time” inventory information from anywhere in the world

  • Data Downloadable in Multiple Programs - you choose the format

  • Multiple Redundancies - multiple servers and generators protect your data at all times

  • Min/Max Functions - automated management of raw materials and finished goods

  • Automated Safeguards - built into the system preventing careless mistakes

  • IT Support Team and 24-Hour Help Desk - IT troubleshooting 24/7


Our WMS system is designed for high-volume transactions and ensures our client’s data is consistent and accurate. We minimize human error and continuously seek opportunities to automate. Our system is flexible, adaptive, and easily integrated and linked to other systems. The Bay IT Team’s reaction time is quicker and costs are minimal in comparison to a third party IT company!

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