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  • Locations | Bay Logistics

    Distribution Center Locations Bay Logistics has distribution centers in Michigan, Arizona, Indiana, and Hermosillo, Mexico. Detroit, Michigan 5470 Hecla St., Detroit, MI 48 208 HECLA Distribution Center Hudsonville, Michigan 4596 Buttermilk Court Hudsonville, MI 49426 Hudsonville Distribution Center Muskegon, Michigan 2653 Olthoff Street Muskegon, MI 49444 Olthoff Distribution Center Flint, Michigan 6312 N. Dort Hwy., Flint, MI 48505 Rack Yard Storage Facility 1409 E. Pierson Road Flint, MI 48505 Pierson Distribution Center 4002 James P. Cole Flint, MI 48505 James P. Cole Distribution Center 4500 Matthew Drive Flint, MI 48507 Matthew Drive Distribution Center Grand Rapids, Michigan MTS & Bay Logistics Corporate Headquarters 7300 Clyde Park SW, Byron Center, MI 49315 Hamtramck, Michigan 9450 Buffalo Street Hamtramck, MI 48212 (Served by Conrail LLC ) Hamtramck Distribution Center Romulus, Michigan 36555 Ecorse Road Romulus, MI 48174 (Served by CSX Railroad ) Romulus Distribution Center Spring Lake / Norton Shores, Michigan 1202 Pontaluna Road Spring Lake, MI 49456 (Served by G&W Railroad ) Spring Lake Distribution Center 510 Liberty Street Spring Lake, MI 49456 Liberty Warehouse 203 S. Cutler Street Spring Lake, MI 49456 Wesco Warehouse 6870 Grand Haven Road Spring Lake, MI 49456 Grand Haven Road Operations 1269 Mt. Garfield Norton Shores, MI 49441 Mt. Garfield Distribution Center Grand Haven, Michigan 335 N. Griffin Street Grand Haven, MI 49417 Griffin Warehouse Ypsilanti, Michigan 715 Norris Street Ypsilanti, MI 48198 Ypsilanti Distribution Center Coldwater, Michigan 330 Sauk River Driver Coldwater, MI 49036 Coldwater Distribution Center Coopersville, Michigan 275 68th Ave. North Coopersville, MI 49404 Coopersville Distribution Center Kokomo, Indiana 1125 Vaile Ave. Kokomo, IN 46901 Kokomo Distribution Center Michigan City, Indiana Michigan City Warehouse & Distribution Center 923 West US 20 Michigan City, IN 46360 Phoenix, Arizona 291 E. Buckeye Road Phoenix, AZ 85004 Phoenix Distribution Center Hermosillo, Mexico Supplier's City S.A. de C.V. Blvd. Fusión 10 Esq. con Lincoln Parque Industrial Dynatech Sur Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico 83290 Hermosillo Distribution Center Home > Info/Support > Locations >

  • Cross Dock Operations | Bay Logistics

    Cross Dock Operations Bay Logistics Cross Dock Operations “Cross-docking” can be defined as the practice of unloading goods from inbound delivery vehicles and loading them directly onto designated outbound vehicles. Cross-docking can streamline supply chains and help move goods to market faster and cheaper by consolidating freight destined for the same locations. ​ Bay will lower transportation expenses and minimize less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments through freight consolidation. Bay Logistics is proficient and experienced in all aspects of managing a cross dock. Contact Us With Any Questions Main Reasons Cross Docking Is Used Provide a central site for products to be sorted and similar products combined to be delivered to many destinations in the fastest and most productive way. Combine smaller product loads into one method of transport to save on transportation costs. Create smaller product loads out of larger loads for transportation to create an easier delivery process to the customer. ​ Home > Our Services > Cross Dock Operations >

  • Inventory Management | Bay Logistics

    Inventory Management Home > Our Services > Inventory Management > People Driven - Systems Strong The Bay Logistics proprietary RF Warehouse Management System improves client decision making with "real time" inventory information, remote access, metric dashboards, and multiple reporting formats. RF System Features: Radio Frequency Technology - "real time" information EDI Integration Experts - programmers on staff Secured Password Protection - we safeguard your data Flexible Sort Options - view in the format you prefer Customizable Reports - “house” programs changed quickly and economically Handheld Computers/Scanners - eliminates manual entry errors Web-Based Order Entry Module - a complete historical account of all orders Remote Web Access - access “real time” inventory information from anywhere in the world Data Downloadable in Multiple Programs - you choose the format Multiple Redundancies - multiple servers and generators protect your data at all times Min/Max Functions - automated management of raw materials and finished goods Automated Safeguards - built into the system preventing careless mistakes IT Support Team and 24-Hour Help Desk - IT troubleshooting 24/7 Advantages: Our WMS system is designed for high-volume transactions and ensures our client’s data is consistent and accurate. We minimize human error and continuously seek opportunities to automate. Our system is flexible, adaptive, and easily integrated and linked to other systems. The Bay IT Team’s reaction time is quicker and costs are minimal in comparison to a third party IT company! Contact Us With Any Questions

  • Pick & Pack | Bay Logistics

    Pick & Pack Pick & Pack Successful order fulfillment involves much more than shelves of neatly stacked products. There is an art and a science to pick and pack methods. Robust inventory management practices and the right pick and pack software help Bay Logistics ship orders with maximum speed and accuracy. The Bay Logistics WMS includes an order module function which dramatically enhances pick and pack efficiency, and captures a complete historical account of all transactions. Contact Us With Any Questions Home > Our Services > Pick & Pack >

  • Storage Trailer Leasing & Rental | Bay Logistics

    Storage Trailer Leasing & Rental Bay Logistics Storage Trailer Leasing & Rental Trailer leasing division Focus Leasing LLC provides clients with same day delivery and pick up services of 48' and 53' well-maintained storage trailers. Contact Us With Any Questions Home > Our Services > Storage Trailer Leasing & Rental >

  • Info/Support | Bay Logistics

    Information & Support Home > Info/Support > Contact Us Bay News Industry News Locations Industries Served Our Customers Member Login (Xtranet) Employee Handbook Methodology Industry Involvement Bay Apparel Covid-19 Info Privacy Policy Sitemap

  • Quality Inspections | Bay Logistics

    Quality Inspections Quality Inspections & Containment ISO certified quality division Bay/MPS is an accomplished supplier to the automotive industry. The BIG Three Automakers and several large Tier One suppliers utilize our inspection services. Sorting, repacking, rust removal, GP-12, rework and subassembly services are available at each Bay Logistics location. We can also arrange to perform the services at the client's facility. ​ Bay/MPS provides the services listed below at your location 24/7, or at any Bay Logistics facility:​ Inspection, sorting, rework, manufacturing New Product Launch, Level II Controlled Shipping Third Party Inspection C.A.R.E. (Customer Acceptance, Review & Evaluation) GP–12 New Product Launch ESEP Services (Enhanced Supplier Engagement Process) EDI Capability (Electronic Data Interchange) Dunnage Repair ​ Component Salvage Full Engine/Transmission/Disassembly & Salvage Kitting, and Repackaging Hot Stamping Magna Fluxing Shot Blasting Calibration Non–Destructive Testing Consulting Bay/MPS is an approved quality inspection supplier for General Motors and Ford Motor Company. Inspection services are available in Grand Rapids, Detroit and Flint, Michigan. We also have inspection services in Kokomo, Indiana and Hermosillo, Mexico. Contact Us With Any Questions Home > Our Services > Quality Inspections >

  • Shuttle/Switching Operations | Bay Logistics

    Shuttle/Switching Operations Bay Logistics Shuttle/Switching Operations Bay Logistics and Martin Transportation Systems team up to develop innovative strategies for efficient shuttle/trailer switching operations. Moving a client’s raw material/finished goods consistently and orderly allows that client to better manage inventory, and to get their product to the market place in a timely fashion. State-of-the-art yard management software enables Bay Logistics to lower client costs through better equipment utilization. Contact Us With Any Questions Home > Our Services > Shuttle/Switching Operations >

  • Sitemap | Bay Logistics

    Sitemap Sitemap Home About Our Services Inventory Management Warehousing Food Safety Program Hazardous Chemical/Flammable Container Management Cross Dock Operations Order Fulfillment Pick & Pack Quality Inspections Rail Transloading Transportation Shuttle/Switching Operations Trailer Yard Management Labeling Long Term Storage Storage Trailer Leasing & Rental Rust Preventative Application Careers Info/Support Contact Us Bay News Industry News Locations Industries Served Our Customers Member Login (Xtranet) Employee Handbook Methodology Industry Involvement Bay Apparel Covid-19 Info Privacy Policy Sitemap Search Results Home > Info/Support > Sitemap >

  • Bay Apparel | Bay Logistics

    Bay Apparel Bay Logistics Merchandise! Check out our online apparel store for Bay Logistics logo apparel. Home > Info/Support > Bay Apparel >

  • Methodology | Bay Logistics

    Methodology The professionals at Bay Logistics will tailor a comprehensive supply chain management plan to fit your business model! Preparation: Are you happy in your current situation? Have you ever imagined a better way? Are you finding the time to put the plan on paper? Planning: Our resources are readily available Together we will determine a realistic goal We will take the lead putting together the schedule Financial metrics - where the rubber hits the road Implementation: Let us help you internally "market" the plan We will manage the implementation so you don't have to We will monitor the implementation and report back to you Financials metrics will tell the tale Review / Revise: Periodic assessments are our modus operandi We will act as the other set of impartial eyes to help steer your ship Continuous improvement to stay ahead of the rest Home > Info/Support > Methodology >

  • Industry News | Bay Logistics

    Industry News 1. Ten Biggest E-Commerce Fulfillment Trends In 2024...Read More > The e-commerce industry is experiencing rapid growth, with online retail sales consistently rising each year and an increasing number of businesses opting to sell their products digitally. ​ By Martin Jez y 2. Six Warehousing Trends In 2024...Read More > There has been unprecedented pressure placed on global supply chains in recent years due to the global economy shifting, some prolonged consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as multiple political conflicts that have profoundly changed global markets and decreased the global race for more warehousing space. ​ By Silvia La Face 3. Retail Logistics Trends: Opportunities For 2024...Read More > 2023 was a challenging year for retail logistics. The industry was still recovering from a pandemic-fueled supply chain crisis, as well as a crippling labor shortage. Technology changed, HR strategies shifted, and retail logistics providers evolved to move past the challenges of 2023 and towards the opportunities of 2024. ​ By Beth Ward 4. Supply Chain In 2024...Read More > 2024 promises to be a pivotal year in supply chain management and technology. ​ 5. Warehouse Automation To Grow In 2024...Read More > According to research from Interact Analysis, warehouse automation order intake will begin to grow again in 2024, after a tough 2023. From 2025 revenues are expected to return to double digit growth. ​ By Adrienne Selko 6. The Big Picture: 2024 Supply Chain Industry Outlook...Read More > Supply chain activity has normalized in operational terms during 2023, but there are significant risks across the industrial policy, labor action and environmental policy implementation spheres influencing the supply chain industry outlook for 2024. ​ By Chris Rogers 7. The Competitive Landscape For 3PL In 2024...Read More > Heading into 2024, 3PL is in the midst of a revolution. Here’s what you should know, from challenges and trends to the solutions that can help you meet them. ​ By Dara Kim 8. Seven Upcoming Cold Chain Trends In 2024...Read More > Global supply chains have been put under unprecedented pressure over the past few years, however cold chain logistics has always been different and characterized by good margins, particularly if compared to contract logistics or dry cargo. ​ By Silvia La Face 9. Four Trends In Logistics To Watch Out For In 2024...Read More > The logistics and supply chain landscape continues to evolve, sometimes rather drastically, due to prevailing socio, political and economic upheavals. ​ 10. Trucking Industry Forecast For 2024...Read More > The US trucking industry experienced the late-cycle phase of the classic truckload cycle in 2022, leading us into the bottoming phase in early 2023. In November 2023, the rebalancing process continues slowly, though progress has been made. ​ Home > Info/Support > Industry News >

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