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Strong Companies Use Strong Warehouse Management Systems

Bay Logistics proprietary Radio Frequency Warehouse Management System, LogisticPartners, furnishes clients with precise inventory numbers, ‘real time’ information for quick decision–making, measurable metrics for improving performance, and a host of different reporting options.


Features Include:

  • Radio Frequency Technology, “Real Time” Information, scanned and immediately in the database

  • EDI Integration Experts, several computer programmers are on staff

  • Secured Password, we take our responsibility of safeguarding your data seriously

  • Flexible Sort Options, the format is easy to group and view the way you want it

  • Customizable Reports, if our “house” programs are not exactly what you want, we can change them quickly and economically

  • Handheld Computers/Scanners, 100% of transactions are captured automatically to reduce errors

  • Web–Based Order Entry Module, this function gives you with a complete historical account of all orders

  • Remote Web Access, you and your designated colleagues can access “real time” inventory information from anywhere in the world

  • Data Downloadable in Multiple Programs, displays the information in the format you choose

  • Multiple Built–In Redundancies, multiple servers and generators protect your data at all times

  • Min/Max Functions, valuable automated tools for managing you stock of raw materials and finished goods

  • Automated Safeguards, built into the system and preventing careless mistakes from corrupting your inventory

  • IT Support Team and 24–Hour Help Desk, we can troubleshoot problems or customize your reports at any time of day or night


  • Remote access to your inventory information through the Bay Logistics Web Portal

  • System is designed for high–volume transactions

  • Our system is better for tracking inventory in and out of a distribution point better than most enterprise systems

  • We’ve already made the investment, put your capital to work expanding your core business

  • Data integrity is consistent and accurate

  • Human error is minimized through automation

  • You will gain a complete historical record of your shipping and receiving activities

  • Our system is flexible, adaptive, and easily integrated and linked to other systems

  • The Bay IT Team reaction time is quicker and costs are minimal in comparison to a third party IT company